Land ‘evapotranspiration’ taking unexpected turn: huge parts of world are drying up

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The soils in large areas of the Southern Hemisphere, including major portions of Australia, Africa and South America, have been drying up in the past decade, a group of researchers conclude in the first major study to ever examine “evapotranspiration” on a global basis.

Jennifer in paradise: the story of the first Photoshopped image

It hardly looks like an image that shook the world. But this photograph, taken in 1987 by John Knoll, could be as central to the modern visual vernacular as Eadweard Muybridge’s shots of galloping horses or the first use of perspective.

Jennifer in paradise

How to write a minimal WebKit browser in 30 lines of Swift

This article shows how to write a minimal WebKit browser in 30 lines of Swift. This is what the result will look like:


Now on to the code –

We start with Swift shebang line so that we can run the script directly from the command line without compiling it first (edit-run instead of edit-compile-run):

We continue by importing WebKit and setting up the application. Every graphical Cocoa application needs one (and only one) instance of NSApplication (or subclass) instantiated, so we start by setting up our NSApplication instance. Then we go ahead by setting the activation policy of this application to “regular” since this is an ordinary app that will appear in the Dock:

Next up we need a window for our web browser. We create an NSWindow instance of size 800×600 px which we center and then set the title for. After setting up the window we finally…

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The Washington Post verifies ‘the pause’ in global warming

Watts Up With That?

Jason Samenow sends word of a new article in WaPo that does some of the same sort of surface temperature analyses we see right here on WUWT. Seeing what a good job Matt Rogers did in his defense against claims of cherry picking, statistical significance woes, and Trenberthian masking, it made me wonder; “How long before he gets called into the chief editors office at WaPo and reassigned to be the correspondent covering Botswana?”

Global warming of the Earth’s surface has decelerated – Matt Rogers, Capital Weather Gang

The recently-released National Climate Assessment (NCA) from the U.S. government offers considerable cause for concern for climate calamity, but downplays the decelerating trend in global surface temperature in the 2000s, which I document here.

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